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We apply advanced sales techniques that help businesses maximum their sales outcomes with minimum input required.

Our Perspective

While there are many reasons why early-stage startups fail to attain business growth and success, at Saleshack.io we believe that hitting sales targets is one of the primary reasons leading to failure, for most early-stage startups.

Many of these early-stage startups tend to experience challenges in their sales process, in particular the GET, KEEP and GROW aspects of the sales lifecycle.

As a result, it becomes hard to prove business sustainability and growth to investors and access markets, without tools and processes to help.

Early-stage startups can spend excessive amounts of time and money trying to overcome the challenges they face when it comes to identifying and converting leads to profitable sales.

Saleshack.io was established, to provide an accessible and reliable platform that can be utilised to drive maximum sales ‘outcomes with minimum input from the user’s end. 

Saleshack.io is a tool designed to help you to build, qualify and convert leads into sales while expanding and nurturing relationships. We are digital and AI enabled sales tool for startup, investors and incubators.

The Team

Meet the High Performance Individuals (HPIs), we believe there’s no other team that is better equipped to help your sales team “hack” the sales game.

Odwa Ndyaluvane
Odwa Ndyaluvane Head of product

Unathi Mcube
Unathi Mcube Chief Operations Officer

Kipson “Google” Tshidino Chief Technology Officer

Lundi “Gradle” Mapundu Lead Engineer

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