Campaign Outreach

Identify your potential prospect market and make contact with them

Never miss an opportunity to engage

It is possible that your prospects receive sales offers every day from different people. Make sure you don’t’ waste time, engage them using the right method as so as you have built your prospect list.

More options to support your engagement does not limit you to one method of engagement, which is why they are varied. People are different and respond differently to different tools. We understand this and cater for the different needs.

Get the ball rolling, reach out to your prospects!

SMS Outreach

You can make use of this action when you have punchy and straight to the point content that you want to share as to engage your prospects.

Provided you have attained their consent.

Email Outreach

Email is one of the best ways in which you can engage your prospects. allows you to track your engagements and sends auto-reminders to your prospects.

Individual Action

This kind of engagement is mostly suitable for when you have built raptor with your prospects and want to have a one-on-one follow up with them.

Thus allowing, both parties to have a direct interaction amongst themselves.

Bulk Action

Depending on the level of engagement, you can use the bulk action which allows you to send bulk communication to your prospect list.

You can use this feature when you are pressed for time and are specifically targeting an individual prospect.

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