Lead Qualification

Use the right method to build a solid pipeline with good quality leads that have the potential to convert to revenue generating customers.

Lead qualification saves you time and effort.

Don’t spend your time selling you leads that are not ready to buy. Saleshack.io comes with a qualification and filtering technique to filter those that qualify and are ready. You can forecast the rest for later.

Become a better closer with Saleshack.io

Saleshack.io forecasting functionality allows you to keep track your leads and based on their activities identifying those that are ready to buy. Giving you the opportunity to sell to those who are ready.

No more surprises, sell to people who are ready to buy!

Unqualified Leads

These are the leads you have built into your pipeline using the various prospecting techniques Saleshack.io offers.

These leads have not been qualified to see if they are ready to go to the next stage of the sales process.


For some leads it may take a bit more effort to convert them into revenue generating leads.

This is why our lead qualification functionality helps you to qualify leads as to see their stance before selling to them.

Qualification Lead

Once a lead has passed the qualification test, it is then moved to a qualified lead. One that is ready for as sale and is ready to buy.

Saleshack.io gives you this visibility so that you can take the right action at the right time.

Recycled Lead

A lead may not be ready to quality just yet, this does not mean all is lost. Using our forecasting capabilities, you can still keep track of the lead and their stance in the sales process.

Once they are ready to convert, you can recycle them as qualified lead.

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