A clear visual interface that prompts you to take action of your sales activities to ensure accelerated and impactful sales outputs from minimum input.

Manage and stay on top of the sales activities

Saleshack.io provides you with a clear visual of all your sales efforts and assists you to understand where you are making wins while indicating where improvements need to be applied. This gives you the ability to control your sales activities and effort to ensure that leads convert to deals.

Numbers don’t lie and information is power!


Set reasonable KPIs based on the size of your business
and ensure that you track your progress.

Saleshack.io gives you the ability to see which KPIs
you’ve reached and which ones are still in progress.

Don’t just set goals blindly, understand the effort too!

Revenue Projections

Project & Target monthly revenue goals and sales effort required to attain those goals.

Saleshack.io is equipped with functionality that helps you to understand the level of effort required to reach projected revenue goals

Say goodbye to tedious data entry that’s prone to errors!


We know that this can be a tedious and time-consuming activity with large amounts of data entry required.

At the click of a button select and insert your prospects into your pipeline.  Everything is fluid and automatic. Say goodbye to manual data entry!

Have visual data of companies you have engaged and should engage!

Company Management

To stay ahead of your sales process, it is important to engage and sell to the right audience.

Salehack.io is a B2B tool, it has the functionality to store and make accessible business data about companies that you can use when you need it.

Have visual data of contacts you have engaged and should engage!

Contact Management

To stay ahead of your sales process, it is important to engage and sell to the right audience.

Salehack.io is allows you to keep track contact data of people you have engaged and understand the status of your relationship.

No more surprises, sell to people who are ready to buy!

Lead Qualification

You no longer have to hold your thumbs and hope that the prospect is ready to convert.

Through effective lead qualification techniques and filtering saleshack.io provides you with a clear picture of prospect who are ready to convert!

Get the ball rolling, reach out to your prospects!

Campaign Outreach

Ok, great! You’ve now built a list of prospects using the other elements of the tool. Now it is time to communicate and engage your prospects.

Saleshack.io allows you to use campaign outreach as the first point of contact to your prospect. Use the application to make calls, sms and voice calls to your prospect.

Explore the power of delegation!

User Management

Teamwork works best when we all chip in towards a single goal. Saleshack.io gives you the option to delegate certain activities of the sales process to other team members and still track them.

This is a great feature that managers can make use of for setting targets.

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