Revenue Projections

Make sure you apply the right effort to meet those monthly, quarterly and annual revenue targets and see your sales accelerate!

Only take actions that matter takes into consideration that not every business is the same and not every goal is achieved the same. Therefore, we help you build revenue projections and targets that make business sense and suggest the action and effort required to meet those targets.

Nothing falls through the cracks

It is easy to get carried away with million items in your to-do-list such that you forget to crack the progress of your effort. The tool is designed to give you reminders of your targets and deadlines that are approaching. Making it easy to manage everything.

Don’t just set goals blindly, understand the effort too!

KPI Personal Dashboard

Your personal dashboard provides you with a visual view of all your targets and the status of your all your lead and lag activities to be taken per sprint.

You can see the activities that you have accomplished and those that are still outstanding so as to meet your monthly targeted turnover.

Deal Projections

Numbers don’t lie, the deal projections show you the number of deals you have closed based on the projections you have set in your dashboard.

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