Acquire your ideal clients.

Acquire your ideal clients.

Use our data-driven frameworks and strategies to help you focus your sales efforts on companies that want to hear from you.

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Build your dream prospects and discover the key to integrating them into customers with Saleshack.

Once your ideal customer profile has been configured and the selection of criteria matches your preference.

With extreme precision, find individuals and companies who fulfil your ideal customer profile.

With pinpoint accuracy, locate people and businesses who fit your ideal service offering.

Search by name, job title, department, etc. to get the top contacts.



We built our very own data first list to increase the accuracy of data specifically in the South African and African contexts.

Businesses with a customer profile can communicate with the right individuals at the right time. This leads to greater sales performance.

Your sales team is capable of making revenue projections based on actions and tasks taken by the reps and efficiently prioritize opportunities.

Deal management enables you to accelerate the sales process while keeping a high-quality client relationship.

Having defined payment terms ensures your company is aware of the expected income according to fiscal year



Saleshack is a tool that enables you to convey the accurate message to the right person, promptly.

Avoid spending time on finding leads and more on converting them. With automated lead generation, you can fill your sales pipeline with targeted prospects faster while saving time.

This is accomplished by clearly displaying which steps of the sales process create faster and better outcomes.

Ensure that everyone in your business is speaking to the right people, consistently, by equipping your reps with intel on each profile.

Configure the custom payment terms to best suit your business thus ensuring better management of deal payments.


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